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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There is no other substitute than to save human life. In accident cases, most of the people died due to over bleeding. At this situation the victim's life may be saved by transfusing required quantity of blood in victim's body. Normally the hospital staff try to collect blood from the
relatives of the victim. Unfortunately, if the blood groups of the relatives do not match with the blood group of the victim, what's the position ? The Hospital approach bloodbank. Blood banks collects blood from the donors and preserve it safely to reuse in crucial hard conditions.

The Online Blood Banks acting as a Major role providing online services around the clock.
Online blood banks acts as Link between 'blood donor' and 'blood recipient'. The Online Blood
Banks displays the blood stock position in their web sites and updates regularly. Most of the people afraid of to donate blood as they think that they will become weak by donating blood.
But it is not correct. Usually the human body can make it self new blood within 24-48 hrs. naturally. We can see that some voluntary organisations conducting campaigns to promote blood donation.
Human Blood groups/Blood Type :
The division of blood groups based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances
on the surface of the Red Blood Cells(RBCs). Here is details of human blood groups.
Blood Group / can take blood from/ can give blood to

1. Group 'A'/ A,AB,O /A and O

2. Group 'B' /B,AB,O /B and O

3. Group 'AB' /A,B,AB,O /AB only

4. Group 'O' /O only/ A,B,AB,O

The following are some online blood bank web sites:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Last week Apple Corporation released its precious iPhone in Indian Market. The phone is slim and with handy features. In India Air tel and Voda phone are marketing with prepaid and post-
paid connections. At present other networks will not work on this phone. It seems the physical appearance and style are good and attractive. It has 3.5 mm head phone socket at the top of the phone.It has plastic back cover.This phone allows net browsing video streaming features.
Net work: GSM 800/900/1800-3G tri band
Connectivity: wifi,3G,Edge, blue tooth and USB 2.0
Weight: 133 gms.
Video: 2.o mega pixels with Geo tagging
Battery: Lithium Polymer
Talk Time: 3G-5 hours
2G-10 hours
Stand by-300 hours
Screen display: 3.5 inches
Touch Screen: Yes
Memory :8GB and 16GB
Cost :8GB--31,000 (INR)
:16GB--36,000 (INR)
This Phone available in 3G and 2G variants. Along with normal calculator it has Scientific calculator also. The phone supports downloading software application from Apple's store.
Most of them are free down loadable. The phone supports access e-mail from Gmail and Yahoo. This phone contains features like Power Point, Word, Apples work. Due to its high cost,
the phone moves slowly in Indian Market.

For further detailas about iphone, please visit the site:

Saturday, August 23, 2008



With the increasing popularity of Internet, the opportunities of online learning courses are came into mainstream. The nature of online study is mainly off-campus type. The learners need
not attend directly at the college/university campus or class room. Online Education is an alternate choice to the learns who do not wish to spend full time for studies. It is also an excellent solution for employees who wish to study part-time while working.
The Online learning system offers courses, accredited under graduate degrees, post-graduate courses and continuing professional courses like M.B.A. and M.C.A.. These courses are
offered by educational institutions, colleges and Universities all over the World.
* Flexibility in joining procedure.
* Flexibility in choosing own study hours.
* No need to observe college/university discipline rules
* Flexibility in fee structure

* Lack of individual discipline
* Lack of face-to-face human interaction
* Lack of control over study schedule
online courses- Accreditation:
Accreditation is nothing but maintaining certain quality of standards by Online study
Institutions to recognise the degrees that they are offering. For more information about
accreditation, please visit:
Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA):
The UCOEA has been Accrediting Distance Education Programs offered by Schools,
Colleges, Universities by online world wide. For more details:
For more details about online education:



The so-called rivals for the last 8 decades
The OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE Universities
brings their lessons online at the same time.
They put on in their web sites a 450 hours
long audio and video lessons in the form of
Itunes. Anybody can down load them at free of cost.


" Marriages are made in Heaven!!" it is an out dated dialog to express our opinion on marriages. Now the new trend is searching for life partner online! As the advent of Internet popularity, hundreds of matrimonial web sites are working to offer better Bride / Groom details for free of cost. Basically the selection of a life partner online is made by matching the details of bith bride/groom and a personal visit of family members there after. It is true that the time will be saved up to 50% by approaching the matrimonial web sites to choose life partner online. But here is the main problem is How to selecting a best life partner online? The experts says that selecting life partner on the basis of physical appearance and good charming personality is not a successful choice always. It's always better to verifying family back ground and matching personal data which is given in the matrimonial web sites. It is also part of duty of parents providing the Bride / Grooms personal data sincerely to avoid the bitter experiences in future.
How to select best life partner online:
It is a critical thing to estimate one's personal behaviour just by seeing the profile of the bride/groom's profile on the web site. More over it is neither arranged nor love marriage. The following guide lines will be helpful to choose the best life life partner online.
(1). Estimating the personal character of the bride/groom's by conducting personality test quiz:
(2). Leaving the issue to your parents/elders who look after in every aspect as it is theirs personal responsibility .(3). Approach a local private detective agency and get the full details of bride/groom.But keep it secret.(4). Consult a good professional matrimonial web site who will provide you the best list of bride/groom according to your interests. You can try with the following web sites.



Everybody knows about online using Internrt. The word " ONLINE" means working with a computer connected with Internet. At present more than 500 billions of people around the world using Internet. The number is increasing day to day. The main advantage of this is due to the Internet can be accessed any point of place.

At present the human life is full of speed!! If one can't perform one's day to day transaction with the speed of life, defenetely he/she will be in the last row. So, the man is taking

the ONLINE support to full fill his/her busy life transactions. The "online transctions" attained

its big popularity as such it is mostly confined with Service Sector. Moreover it seems that the

online transactions activity overtakaing the human life in such a way the human being can't able

to move a step forward without using online!Yes it is true!! Bcoz it is TIME and MONEY saving.

Most of the service traansctions of Government, Public and Private sector companies

are performing "online". The following are the most popular services performing online:

* Online Jobs

* Online Trading

* Online Banking

* Online Bookings

* Online Shopping

* Online Money Making Programs

* Online Studying

* Online Marriages

* Online Medical-Aid.

* Online Dating

* Online Astrology

* Online Money Transfer

* And so many...................