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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Now a days it seems that most people prefer to shopping online. Millions of people are buying almost all every thing online.People are interesting towards online shopping as it is easy,convenient and time saving. Moreover there are lots of variable things at one place are available on the discount price also.
The popularity of online shopping is increasing day to day due to its demand world wide.The distance between online shop and people is just a button/mouse click on the computer.Statistics says that women are shopping 20% more than men.
The most important problem with online shopping is 'phishing' i.e. thefting of personal identity.
The most important point in online shopping is 'security'.The business depends upon how they manage security. Here we examine some online shopping payment methods.

When you wish to buy some article on Internet, you have to your credit card number and other details.Then the company will send an e-mail to your credit card company/bank. The credit card company/bank will verify your a/c balance and send an e-mail to for your confirmation for payment. On your confirmation the credit card company pays your bill to online shopping company. O.K. online shopping is over! But here the problem is anybody ,who knows your credit card particulars, can purchase articles online by using your card details. But the bill comes to you. To avoid this type of frauds some companies are following two security methods as shown below.
(i)SIGNATURE: It is a system of signing on computer.
(ii)ENCRYPTED SIGNATURE : This is a system of signing in code language
In this method you can make the payment at your home after the articles are received by post. It is popularly known as 'Value payable by post'(V.P.P.) This method is widely using in India.Actually this is easy and safe method.But most companies are not providing this facility.
3.MEDIATOR PAYMENT: In this method a company(third party) pays the bill on behalf of your self . You will receive the items by courier parcel. There after the company collect the bill amount from you.
4.PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL:This is the safe and easiest payment method for online shopping. In this payment method you need not submit your personal identity particulars.
(i) Give first preference to make your payment through paypal a/c. Opening paypal a/c is easy and free also.
(ii).Purchase the products from a reputable and trusted company to avoid frauds.
(iii). But the products from the company's web site directly.Don't allow e-mail offerings.
(iv). Install anti-virus and anti spy wares on your computer to avoid identification theft.
(v). Before ordering compare the prices to save money.
(vi). Give preference to security sites.
At present there lots of online shopping web sites are there.The following is a list of some best online shopping web sites.
2. Shop zilla
4.Price grabber
6. HSN
9. QVC


Mckayla said...

Brilliant post..! Thanks for sharing the useful information about online shopping.

Anais said...

Interesting..! Online shopping revolution has only just started and more and more web sites are going online as this is an imposing way to offer this service.

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