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Saturday, November 22, 2008


All we knew that in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) link building has a prime role. Backlinks acts as back bone to a web site. Any web site has no value without links connected with other sites in the sense of major search engines like Google, Yahoo. MSN etc. Backlinks are the links pointed to one web site from other sites. As many backlinks as you have, you will be top in the
search engine rankings. Once a web site is ready, there is no other aspect expect link building Among all the link building methods-commenting on blog posts is very popular as it is easy and fastest way to get free backlinks. It is very hard work to collect all the lists of quality blogs and some people using software programs to find blog lists. Here is an easy way to get free back links from quality blogs. Do you know the major search engine Google will help in this regard ? Google provides us with a great tool that which help in finding the quality blog lists. Google/alerts will help us to find out blogs where we want to make comments for backlinks. Here all you need is just registering with Google/alerts with your desirable keywords. You may register as many keywords as you like. As and when this process is over, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Google/alerts. Confirm it and there after you will receive 5 to 10 alerts to your mail box daily. Just you open the web pages and thoroughly read the article and then leave your comments. Make sure that write your comments sincerely and not like "great article" and "good article". Now register your name with Google/alerts here.

Make your comments on top rank do-follow 500+ blogs list
Tip: While building backlinks, don't show over and over interest to get all the backlinks at once. Get them steadily otherwise search engines may suspect as spam. WISH YOU HAPPY LINK BUILDING !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


PTC is the shorten form of ' Paid To Click'. Ptc programs are very popular money making system online. It's got popularity due to the easy method and a system of daily earning possibility. The ptc program concept is reaching their adds to the notice of thousands of people. Due to its uniqueness and simplicity of programs, lots of people are showing interest to join these programs world wide. Almost all these are free to join . You will be paid money by clicking the add/web site and viewing it for not less than 30 seconds. The payment ranges from 1 cent to 3 cents per click. The amount varies from site to site. You will be offered 7 to 10 ads. daily. There are referral and upgrading the membership methods also there. Now I suggest some best ptc programs online for your best knowledge and reference. In ptc programs the earning potentiality depending upon the the number the of the clicks done by and the number of active referrals you join under your down line level.You will receive referral commission from 50% to 100%. You will be paid your earning through paypal/Alert pay. So you have to open a paypal or Alert pay account, if you are not having these a/c to receive your earning. The minimum pay out is $5-$10. Hear is one ex-regarding the possible earnings per month.
If you click 10 adds per day = $ 0.01
If 20 referral clicks 10 adds per day= $ 2.0
Your monthly income = $ 60

(9) Pinoy bux(new)
TOP 100 best PTC SITES------>
THE WORST PTC SITES( SCAM SITES ):As usual and all we expected. the online scam-monkeys are playing a great role in ptc programs also! The PTC scam list is about 1 k.m. long and I am not able to mention all of them here for want of space!
LIST OF SCAM PTC SITES ( in alphabetical order)
above ;;; alert pay/;;;;;;;;;; etc./
TIPS TO EARN MAXIMUM MONEY FROM PTC PROGRAMS: The design of the ptc seems earning a few cents for spending a lot time in the program. As it is easy to earn program, you can follow some tips to get maximum benefit from these programs.
(1) Join the programs only you trust.
(2) Up grade your membership to get more cents for clicks.
(3) Refer referrals as maximum as you can.
(4) Purchase the referral packages if you feel it is better to you.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Internet is a huge source of knowledge.Due to advent of Internet popularity, lots of Internet users are increasing day to day. People approach Internet to find out the solution for some kind of query at their interest. It is learnt that not less than 1/3rd of the Internet users are fixing to the computers for a long time and it leads to some kind of mental disorders. The STANFORD UNIVERSITY study says that 1 in every 8 people of Americans has online addiction.
INTERNET ADDICTION: It is a state of 'mental disorder' that mostly found among the people who using Internet regularly.The following are some types of online addiction.
1. Video game addiction:It found mostly in school children and teen aged youth.
2. Cyber sex addiction:The individuals who are busy with watching sex videos and downloading.3. Online dating addiction: This type addiction mostly found in teen age youth who are always busy to registering their names with all the dating web sites and fond of dating with others.
4. Online gambling addiction: In online addiction,the worse online gambling. Researches says that 1 in every 10 people has online gambling and can't able to come out. Here is the addiction test to find out the state of your online addiction.This is not applicable to web professionals. You can also find the recovery details on the web site.
1. Raise of electricity bills.
2. Chance of eye sight.
3. Chance of memory loss.
4. Chance of obesity because of some people watch Internet eating some thing.
5. Chance of backache.
6. It also impact on personal behaviour of the people who web addicted.