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Saturday, December 13, 2008


SEARCH ENGINE: 'Search engine' is a software program that which we use to find out web sites,
web pages and Internet files etc. Search engines are useful when we are not sure about a 'Uniform resource locator'(url) of a web site. When we enter a search 'word' or 'phrase' in to a search box , the search engine produces results by using 'spider' program ( most search engines uses spider program ). Hence search engines are the 'informative tools' to find out a desirable information of Internet.
At the movement in Internet there are thousands of search engines are available.If the desirable information is not available with one search engine, we may try with another search engine. Every search has its own features and specialities. Hence, we can't decide one search engine is good and other is not.Here is under the list of some popular search engines and its features.
Google:Google can give an elaborate information with related news. Google mapsare very popular.
Yahoo : Yahoo search engine will give any information around the world very fast.
Alta vista: It can give information with more images.
Deja news: Gives information about news groups.
Download: It gives information about software downloads.
Devas search: Gives information about web development and Internet details.
Feliz: It will search F.T.P. files.
People search: It will search about e-mail addresses of friends and people.
TOP 10 SEARCH ENGINES: The list of 'Top 10 search engines' is arrived on the
based of its Internet occupancy ratio.
1.GOOGLE: Google is in front of all search engines with 62% of all search.
2.YAHOO : Yahoo holds the next to Google with 13% of all searches.
3. BAIDU : The Chinise search engine 'Baidu' accounts 5% of all the searches.
4. MSN : MSN accounts with 3% of all the searches.
5. NHN : A Korean search engine holds 5Th position with 2.4%.
6.E-BAY : E-bay is in 6Th place with 2.2% of all searches.
7.TIME WARNER: Time warner accounts 1.6% of all searches.
8. ASK.COM: with 1.1%.
9. YANDEX : Yandex with 0.9% of all searches.
10.ALIBABA.COM: with 0.8% of all searches.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Now a days it seems that most people prefer to shopping online. Millions of people are buying almost all every thing online.People are interesting towards online shopping as it is easy,convenient and time saving. Moreover there are lots of variable things at one place are available on the discount price also.
The popularity of online shopping is increasing day to day due to its demand world wide.The distance between online shop and people is just a button/mouse click on the computer.Statistics says that women are shopping 20% more than men.
The most important problem with online shopping is 'phishing' i.e. thefting of personal identity.
The most important point in online shopping is 'security'.The business depends upon how they manage security. Here we examine some online shopping payment methods.

When you wish to buy some article on Internet, you have to your credit card number and other details.Then the company will send an e-mail to your credit card company/bank. The credit card company/bank will verify your a/c balance and send an e-mail to for your confirmation for payment. On your confirmation the credit card company pays your bill to online shopping company. O.K. online shopping is over! But here the problem is anybody ,who knows your credit card particulars, can purchase articles online by using your card details. But the bill comes to you. To avoid this type of frauds some companies are following two security methods as shown below.
(i)SIGNATURE: It is a system of signing on computer.
(ii)ENCRYPTED SIGNATURE : This is a system of signing in code language
In this method you can make the payment at your home after the articles are received by post. It is popularly known as 'Value payable by post'(V.P.P.) This method is widely using in India.Actually this is easy and safe method.But most companies are not providing this facility.
3.MEDIATOR PAYMENT: In this method a company(third party) pays the bill on behalf of your self . You will receive the items by courier parcel. There after the company collect the bill amount from you.
4.PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL:This is the safe and easiest payment method for online shopping. In this payment method you need not submit your personal identity particulars.
(i) Give first preference to make your payment through paypal a/c. Opening paypal a/c is easy and free also.
(ii).Purchase the products from a reputable and trusted company to avoid frauds.
(iii). But the products from the company's web site directly.Don't allow e-mail offerings.
(iv). Install anti-virus and anti spy wares on your computer to avoid identification theft.
(v). Before ordering compare the prices to save money.
(vi). Give preference to security sites.
At present there lots of online shopping web sites are there.The following is a list of some best online shopping web sites.
2. Shop zilla
4.Price grabber
6. HSN
9. QVC

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


WHAT IS FREELANCER? Freelancer is an independent worker for a given job.Mostly these jobs are on contract basis.These jobs requires creativity and performance. There is a lot of scope to earn a handsome income from these jobs. There are hundreds of job types and the following are some important job titles among all.
7.Creative writing
10.Desktop publishing
11.Data entry
12.Web design
13.Graphic design
14.Internet marketing
18.Financial planning
19.Medical transcription
20.Public relation
25.Engineering ..... etc.
The nature of these jobs confined to working with performance.Being mostly these are free to join and hence we loose nothing.The following is a list popular freelance jobs.
4.Data entry
7.Freelance writing
9.Sales & marketing
12.Web and graphic designing
1 Get a freelancer (writing)
2.Craig list (writing)
3.Odesk (web design)
4.Elance (web design)
5.365jobs4all (data entry)
6.Istock (photography)
7.ifreelance (SEO) (project)
10.go-freelance (video)
1.Do some hard-work at both online and off-line
2.Promote yourself through building a good professional profile on web pages.
3.Do't go for over bidding at initial stage.
4.Choose your freelance job that suitable to you.
5.Keep in mind that 'quality'is the 'key' to success.
1.Offering higher pay for a little work(ex:-$1000/-per hour)
2.Showing the weblink within the text.
3.Self promoting aggressively.
4.Asking money for sign-up.
5.Miss-spelling ads(without proof reading).
6.Ads about the same job post for a long period.
7.Offering jobs without web site.
8.Allowing members to join without conducting quality test of writing skills

Saturday, November 22, 2008


All we knew that in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) link building has a prime role. Backlinks acts as back bone to a web site. Any web site has no value without links connected with other sites in the sense of major search engines like Google, Yahoo. MSN etc. Backlinks are the links pointed to one web site from other sites. As many backlinks as you have, you will be top in the
search engine rankings. Once a web site is ready, there is no other aspect expect link building Among all the link building methods-commenting on blog posts is very popular as it is easy and fastest way to get free backlinks. It is very hard work to collect all the lists of quality blogs and some people using software programs to find blog lists. Here is an easy way to get free back links from quality blogs. Do you know the major search engine Google will help in this regard ? Google provides us with a great tool that which help in finding the quality blog lists. Google/alerts will help us to find out blogs where we want to make comments for backlinks. Here all you need is just registering with Google/alerts with your desirable keywords. You may register as many keywords as you like. As and when this process is over, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Google/alerts. Confirm it and there after you will receive 5 to 10 alerts to your mail box daily. Just you open the web pages and thoroughly read the article and then leave your comments. Make sure that write your comments sincerely and not like "great article" and "good article". Now register your name with Google/alerts here.

Make your comments on top rank do-follow 500+ blogs list
Tip: While building backlinks, don't show over and over interest to get all the backlinks at once. Get them steadily otherwise search engines may suspect as spam. WISH YOU HAPPY LINK BUILDING !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


PTC is the shorten form of ' Paid To Click'. Ptc programs are very popular money making system online. It's got popularity due to the easy method and a system of daily earning possibility. The ptc program concept is reaching their adds to the notice of thousands of people. Due to its uniqueness and simplicity of programs, lots of people are showing interest to join these programs world wide. Almost all these are free to join . You will be paid money by clicking the add/web site and viewing it for not less than 30 seconds. The payment ranges from 1 cent to 3 cents per click. The amount varies from site to site. You will be offered 7 to 10 ads. daily. There are referral and upgrading the membership methods also there. Now I suggest some best ptc programs online for your best knowledge and reference. In ptc programs the earning potentiality depending upon the the number the of the clicks done by and the number of active referrals you join under your down line level.You will receive referral commission from 50% to 100%. You will be paid your earning through paypal/Alert pay. So you have to open a paypal or Alert pay account, if you are not having these a/c to receive your earning. The minimum pay out is $5-$10. Hear is one ex-regarding the possible earnings per month.
If you click 10 adds per day = $ 0.01
If 20 referral clicks 10 adds per day= $ 2.0
Your monthly income = $ 60

(9) Pinoy bux(new)
TOP 100 best PTC SITES------>
THE WORST PTC SITES( SCAM SITES ):As usual and all we expected. the online scam-monkeys are playing a great role in ptc programs also! The PTC scam list is about 1 k.m. long and I am not able to mention all of them here for want of space!
LIST OF SCAM PTC SITES ( in alphabetical order)
above ;;; alert pay/;;;;;;;;;; etc./
TIPS TO EARN MAXIMUM MONEY FROM PTC PROGRAMS: The design of the ptc seems earning a few cents for spending a lot time in the program. As it is easy to earn program, you can follow some tips to get maximum benefit from these programs.
(1) Join the programs only you trust.
(2) Up grade your membership to get more cents for clicks.
(3) Refer referrals as maximum as you can.
(4) Purchase the referral packages if you feel it is better to you.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Internet is a huge source of knowledge.Due to advent of Internet popularity, lots of Internet users are increasing day to day. People approach Internet to find out the solution for some kind of query at their interest. It is learnt that not less than 1/3rd of the Internet users are fixing to the computers for a long time and it leads to some kind of mental disorders. The STANFORD UNIVERSITY study says that 1 in every 8 people of Americans has online addiction.
INTERNET ADDICTION: It is a state of 'mental disorder' that mostly found among the people who using Internet regularly.The following are some types of online addiction.
1. Video game addiction:It found mostly in school children and teen aged youth.
2. Cyber sex addiction:The individuals who are busy with watching sex videos and downloading.3. Online dating addiction: This type addiction mostly found in teen age youth who are always busy to registering their names with all the dating web sites and fond of dating with others.
4. Online gambling addiction: In online addiction,the worse online gambling. Researches says that 1 in every 10 people has online gambling and can't able to come out. Here is the addiction test to find out the state of your online addiction.This is not applicable to web professionals. You can also find the recovery details on the web site.
1. Raise of electricity bills.
2. Chance of eye sight.
3. Chance of memory loss.
4. Chance of obesity because of some people watch Internet eating some thing.
5. Chance of backache.
6. It also impact on personal behaviour of the people who web addicted.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


ONLINE BANKING: Online banking/e-banking/Internet Banking/Home Net Banking/ Remote Banking.... what the name it is the Online Banks provides access to operate the banking transactions from Internet to their customers.
Facilities: Account view; Cheque inquire;Account statement; Delivery of signed A/c statement;Cheque book issuance;Funds transfer to own A/c; Payment of Taxes; Bill payments, Money Transfer to third party A/c of Internet enabled Bank etc.,
All the Banks not offer all the facilities shown above. You may choose the right bank according the things suit to you.
BANK APPLICATION: The online enrollment form will be available on the web site of the concerned banks.You can download the application form from the web site.Initially you will be allotted an User Id and password to your bank A/c. You may be asked to change your password/Pin number after the A/c open procedure is over to secure your banking transactions.The information will be sent to you through a e-mail box which is operated between you and the Bank. You will receive your password information separately from the bank.
ACCOUNT TYPES: (1). Personal Banking- for individual banking activities.
(2). E-commerce-for business activities(3). D-mat-for Share capital activities(4). Virtual bank A/c(newly added by some banks)
A/c MAINTAIN RULES: Minimum balance to be maintained=$ 1500 (in general)
Maximum amount of bill pay( per day)=$ 5000(in general)
Maximum amount for fund transfer( per day)=$ 15000(in general)
Some banks allows '0' balance to open an Internet bank A/c.
Note: The A/c type and services offers varies from bank to bank.
AGREEMENT WITH THE BANK (SERVICE AGREEMENT): This is between the servicing bank and you to provide Home Banking Services via its web site that you are enrolled for online banking service and sets forth the terms governing the provision of electronic banking services to you and authorise by you to access your A/c via online banking.
BANK A/C SECURITY: Internet Banking is a secure, Internet-based service that gives you convenient and 24-hour a/c access . Key taken information security very seriously and is committed to protecting your personal information with Bank through your personal identification(user ID) and password. The Bank advice you to create a unique password for your security.
ADVANTAGES AND DIS-ADVANTAGES: As usual online banking has both advantages and dis-advantages. The following are some advantages :
(1). It is convenient.
(2). Allows access the a/c from any where and at any time.
(3). Easy process of bills payment.
(4). It is fast,efficient and accurate.
(5).Facility of multiple accounts operation and maintenance.
(1). Delay at the start up process.
(2). Lack of ATMs (most cases )
(3). Inability to access the Internet banking at the un-secured Internet connection.
On the whole the advantages are when compared with the disadvantages.
ONLINE BANKING FRAUDS: It related to thefting of money from one's account and transfer to another bank a/c by using online technology. The online cheaters theft the identity of the online bank customers by using different thchniques(ex:phishing). Many number of Internet bank customers( world wide ) lost their money by this type of scams. So, the online bank customers have to follow some useful tips given below to avoid banking frauds.

* No banks asks your identity particulars through e-mail. Hense you don' t reveal your personal identity particulars to anybody.

* Set a unique password that won't findable by others.

* Check regularly your net work computer with anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.

* Don't leave up in the middle from your bank's web site without logout.

Know more about online banks------>

Monday, October 20, 2008


Moon is ONE AND ONLY NATURAL SATELLITE TO EARTH. Man's probe towards the Moon is going on since 1969. Still date 17 Astronaut were landed on the moon. The Scientific experiments are going on to probe the past live traces and future human settlement facilities on the MOON. It is an interesting matter than human settlement on the MOON. Already some lunar agencies got ownership rights from the U.S. & U.S.S.R. Governments with resell rights.

MASS : 734,56000000 TONNES
You can purchase the Moon land just for $ 29.99 per acre. with full ownership rights and legal documentation. There other gift packages and another planet's land particulars available on online.For purchasing the Moon land :; For FAQ AND OTHER CLARIFICATIONS:
There are about 80,00000 people world wide have purchased Moon land.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Once upon a time people used to study day and night to get better marks in exams. and then to obtain a good job. Now the trend is changed and technology is over hyped. The people,who aren't able/when no other choice,are going for online studies. Now a days we need not go for college. We need not study and write the exams at all. At present there are hundreds of online Universities world wide are offering easy online degrees for money just like ONLINE SHOPPING. Many professionals and VIPs, Government officials are purchasing these degrees from fake diploma/degree producing mills for their fame and prosperity. But the common people who buy these degrees are loosing both their money and career life. There is no wrong buying these degree just for fun or novelty purpose only. Don't make your life as a joke by using them for your career building. I furnish here under the list of some fake online universities for the knowledge of the people. So many of you have seen them on Internet or may got experienced with them. Once again I remind here for the sake of the people. These Universities are either non Accredited or Accredited by other ways. (Licenced Scams). Issuing degrees for money with life experience credit in days is nothing but a SCAM even though it got Accreditation. When we verify these web sites, we won't find proper address and proper phone numbers. IF ANY MORE UNIVERSITIES ARE KNOWN FAKE BY YOU, PLEASE LET ME KNOW TO UPDATE THIS LIST.


Monday, October 13, 2008


Online dating may seems an advanced stage of online chatting. Online dating provides the singles or groups to making friendship or romance with other singles or groups online whose interests and opinions are matches. The dating web sites acts as intermediary between the singles or groups. The dating web sites provides services(mostly free) to build personal profile,exchanging mail information, photo and video exchange etc. This is the general story of the online dating. The following are some of the best online dating web sites basing on the consumer reviews. Some extent these web sites restrict the mass membership and allowing only the serious single as its members. But these web sites charging member ship fees on monthly basis. The dating should always be a Fun. Then only it justify its concept.
ONLINE DATING SCAMS: In this type of scam, the scammers get money from the desires and interests of the people. Now we come to the point that what is going on behind
the online dating scenario. The online dating world already experienced a bitter experience all over the world by the scammers. So many people lost their fame and money in the this dating scams. Persons and web sites have shared and involved in these scam. Only the Innocent people were hit by this dating scams. There are hundreds of dating web sites are working to gather all over the to cheat the people to steal the money from them.

It seems many dating sites have no control over about joining fair people as its members and no control about on the rules and conditions. This is the loop hole which was cached by the online scammers. The Scammers got registered with these web sites with fake names and fake beautiful photos and dummy residential addresses. Here the beautiful photo displayed by a female guy may not be belongs to the real guys. It may be a photo of unknown beautiful lady or a model and even a prostitute's also. Here the male guys, who desired to got romance or sexual contact with a beautiful lady, will fell in to the prey of the scammers. Generally the most thing in dating scams, a woman (or may be a man) ask money the man through an e-mail stating that she wish to meet you send money towards to meet the traveling expenses /to meet the expenses incurred with hospitalizationof the woman's relatives. If you send money as she required, you will another victim of online dating scams. If you find any suspicious with them, it is better not to responding with them.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The provision of studying at home through online is defenily a break-through of internet technology! It is more to encourage the people/students to learn/study online and facilitate the people who are unable to take regular studies. The facility of on-line study is now running at the off-line track by adopting fake system i.e. isuueing of fake degrees/diplomas by the fake universiies. Inspite of that there are number of good and faith online universities, the fake universities take an advantage due to its popularity(self-drum).

Actually, the system of online education has its own code of procedure to acquire a degree or diploma online. Every online college/university has to get accridiation from the concerned authority before its arrival and has to maintain certain quality educational standards that are prescried by the accridiation authority. Other wise the certificates issued by them are not recongnised and have no value.

Every person ,who wish to study online, has to check legality and validity of the online college/uniersity before joining to avoid any risk in future. Unfortnately most of the students by ignorance/innosense not going for all these things. This is the advantage for the online scammers. So, hundreds of fake online uniersities are being opened and it was said that the turnover these fake industry touched about +200 billion dollars !!

The people, in a lust of getting the degrees within a days without studying,without writing the examinations, fall into the prey of the scammers. The people are not thinking about its legal validity of the certificates issued by the universities which are not having a campus, minimum infrastructure, a single professor and a good study material expect a 2 or 3 pages web site. The world famous BBC News found in its investigation that so many professors and government official are bought these fake degree from the so called fake degree-mill and it is also known that one IRAN minister admits having fake degree certificate! It seems that how the roots of the fake education penatrates into the field of online education. The people should keep in mind that the degrees/diplomas offered by the fake universities on-line having off-line mode value and useful for only see and enjoy no further movement. So don't go for fake education. For more information on fake online degrees:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Most people who are using Internet are familiar with terms 'online money' and 'work at home'. When people sitting in front of the computer and searching for online money opportunities,they can find millions of web results on this topic. It is very hard to search all the web result as such it takes a lot time. More over it is reported that 90% of these programs are scams. There are lakhs of web programs and thousands of web sites came into existence with the Internet advantage and hundreds of web sites adding to Internet every day. It is some sort of confusion to pick a best program that makes money online. All most all money web sites claiming that they are legitimate. Actually there is no a computer tool or software to find out a web site's genuineness. This is a plus point to online scampers.

Every year millions of people are hitting by these online scams. when there is money transactions is there , there is online scampers follow. Cheating online is very easy process . Scampers attack the people with their colour full web site and heart touching words. It was reported that more the 500 millions of were hit by these scampers.

The genuineness of a web site depends its quality, page rank,site rank and web traffic. It is the better thing to keep away from scamming web sites to protect ourselves to ESCAPE FROM ONLINE SCAMS. There are three simple and easiest ways to find the right and legitimate web site. Read the following:
1. Checking the web site URL with Google search engine to find out whether web site is spam or not. First type the concerned web site URL on Google search engine and then add the words " is a spam web site or not? For example:http://(web site name).com is a spam web site or not.
You can browse here to find out scam web sites list:
2.Checking PAGE RANK of the concerned web site to find out its quality content. You don't join the online money programs with the web sites having 'zero' rank or very low rank. You can check the web site page rank from hear
3. A quality and dedicated web site will be top always the web site ranking . Good web site makes good things to its members. ALEXA.COM is world famous web company and it gives working of web sites. It also give information about the web site. To check the web site rank, please visit:
On conclusion it is advised that don't give your credit/debit card particulars online. Join the free offering web sites first as a beginner.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Taking paid surveys is one of the best and easiest way of online money earning programs. Basically it requires no marketing skills to participate in this program. The following is the step by step procedure to join with a survey web site.
STEP-I: In the first step, you have to approach with the concerned web site with your name and e-mail address. Most of the web sites joining member with free of cost. In return they will send an e-mail to for the confirmation your e-mail.
STEP-II: The second step is sign up process. In sign up process you have to complete the sign up form with your full name, residential address, phone no., and country etc. particulars. After the sign up process is over, you will receive another email asking you to log in the web site with your user name and password to submit your personal profile.
STEP-III: Here you have to submit your personal profile which is the important both you and the survey web site. Your personal profile indicates your personality,character and interests and your survey type will be decided by the web site admin. After this process is over, you will see a message stating that you are the member of theirs and you will be contacted by them as and when a survey is available. Now you can get registered as many as survey web sites to earn a considerable amount of money.
What is online survey: Online survey is nothing but collecting public opinion regarding a particular product/service. It may also be considered a feed back also.
Why the web sites paying money: The marketing and research companies hires some survey web sites to conduct surveys on behalf of them to increase their product sales or to develop the service. For this the web sites get paid from the marketing companies and we also get paid for participating in the survey.
ARE ALL THE SURVEY WEB SITES RELIABLE: NO. As the prevailing of online scams, we should not believe all the survey web sites. Only legitimate, maintain good data base, good contacting personnel and having good track record are reliable. As a beginner it is better to join the free sign up web sites.
(i) Build your personal with care and clever. Your survey type is based on the particulars given by you.
(ii) Up date your personal profile once in two moths to get more surveys and to earn more money.
(iii) Maintain a separate e-mail for surveys to perform the survey process easily and timely.
(iv) Check your e-mail inbox daily to new survey offers to complete the survey in time.
(v) Attend the survey immediately as and when it received. If you are late, they treat you inactive.
The following are some world famous and well paid survey web sites:
For more information and national wide survey web sites particulars, click the following:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


EARN MONEY WITH YOUR PEN:Pen is more and more powerful than a sword. The sword can gain only one person for each time. But the pen can gain millions of people at once for each time. That is power of effective writing. Here is our topic earning online money with good article writing. Earning money from writing articles is one of the best and easiest ways of getting online money. Most of the people won't look this side as such they believed that it is so hard and only writing skills persons can do this job. But it is not correct. Any body can write good article with some effort.
The world around of us is full of fun,wonders,cheating, sadness and badness. So, we don't bother about the subject for an article. You can write article on any topic as you wish and the web sites on Internet invites you if your article is having good and attractive content. Don't try to follow the others ready made articles and software based article submitters. Human brain is more powerful than any any other computer. The human being is using only less than 10% of the brain power and we doesn't know how to utilise the remaining. Here we need not use the remaining brain power to write a good article.
HOW TO WRITE A GOOD ARTICLE: As we discussed earlier, what is the topic is doesn't matter. First select any topic as you wish to write an article. (Tip: Present burning topic will be given priority) . Now wash up the unnecessary and unusual thoughts from your brain. Now ask your self your inner mind the following questions on your topic.
(1) WHY ? ( the topic it is)
(2) WHAT ?(is the topic, definition etc.,)
(3) WHEN ? (the topic arisen)
(4) WHERE ? ( topic origins)
(5) HOW ? ( the topic shaping)
As and when you ask the above to your inner mind, the inner mind starts thinking and the solution will come out one by one slowly. Your next step is to collect all latest reliable information on the selected topic from Internet using Google search engine. Now club the whole information and prepare a precise shape to your article. If you fails at your first attempt, try and try again. Very soon you will get succeeded. Now you can write good article on the selected topic. Send your articles to the concerned web sites/magazines and earn good amount of income. The following link contains article paid web sites directory.

I furnish here under details of a funny news channel web site that allows you to send news, articles, photos,reviews on any thing and any matter from any corner of the world. I personally visited these web site and found useful for the persons who wish to write somethng. Here there is a possibity to earn for your work subject the conditions of the web site.

Monday, September 29, 2008



EARN MONEY FROM PHOTOS: Photos are testimonials of past life movements. What happens and which happens any corner of the world , it will come out in the form of a PHOTO. We preserve our photos in albums to memorise later the sweet movements of our past life. Every body likes good and quality photos. Most people enjoys photography as a hobby. Some body takes it as profession for their lively hood. We can earn money too online with photos.

There are lots of web sites online ready to buy your photos, if they have quality content. Like so millions of people around the world fond of good and quality innovative photos. They can also buy your photos. The payment will depend on quality of the photos. No bars about the subject and place. You can take photos on any subject and any place as you wish. The main thing is quality and creativity.There are some other possible ways are there to earn income from photos.

Freelance photographer: You can choose photography career as full/part-time job by joining freelance photographer for web sites or photo magazines. Freelance photographer career is very interesting and an official like a profession job work. You can earn a hand some amount of income regularly as long as you provide your services as freelancer.

SALE OF PHOTOS TO INDIVIDUAL PERSONS: You can sell your photos to individual persons who likes your photos by placing them on a web site for sale. For example:e-bay.

You can also earn a good money by converting your photos into wall papers, screen savers etc., and sell them to the concerned companies. For more information and photo web sites, please see the link given below.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Internet is a magic box that which show to us what ever ask. Every day lots of people using Internet for search their quarries. Most of the people searching Internet for online money making opportunities i.e. work from home jobs. Similarly there thousands of web sites on Internet offering the people to join work at home jobs and hundreds of web sites every day begins on net for this purposes. Is the problem solved? No, the real problem begins from here!
First of all we have to know some bitter truths about type of online programs before we go for our search. Do you Know ? In fact there are NO JOBS ONLINE WORK FROM HOME!! There are only ways and opportunities are available on Internet to work from home. It is not possible to get rich in short time as the web sites claims. The reason is 90% of this type of programs are scams.Only the remaining 10% legitimate work at home web links are available for online money hunters. It is some difficult to find out the legitimate work at home program. But it is easy by searching certain web site's URL through Google search engine. Type the web site address that you want in Google search box and add these words like : web URL+ is a spam? and in results we can find many articles, reviews and positive or negative comments on particular web site. But every day there are number of web sites arising and we aren't able to find the web sites latest status. So, be careful before joining. I shall submit the fair web site links in my next post. For more information you may visit:

Sunday, September 14, 2008


If we consider the invention of Internet is Modern technology gift to human kind, the Internet scams may be considered as the 'SIDE EFFECT OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE'. Every year millions of people hitting by these scams. It was reported that 10+ million of people hit by these scams last year. People are continuing to fall for these online scams day by day. The scam web masters are very clever and cunning and just waiting to commit online fraud and steal you identity or cheating you by a web based program(Ex: online money programs). The following are some of top online scams reported yet.

1. Online Auction Scams: Frequently you see the ads about auction of article online. If you participate such type of programs, you have to pay money for the article/something online auction. You will receive a fake or cheap article instead of the genuine brand and most of the cases you receive nothing.

2. Identity Theft:If you are a customer of online banking or credit/debit card holder, you receive an e-mail ( as like as from the bank authorities ) asking your account particulars for verification.

If you give all your particulars, your account will be hacked by the scampers. As a matter of fact the bank authorities never ask their customer's account details online!

3. Online lottery scams: If you are a winner in online lottery, you will be asked send some of money towards to meet the expenses of processing and legal clearence to get your lottery money. After you send the money as they wish and you can't find their address.

4. Get rich scams:Generelly we can find this type of scams mostly in work at home job programs.

The real truth of these programs that 1 program will really works out of 10 programs. That means 90% of these programs are SCAMS.

5. Nigerian e-mail scam: So many people fall into prey in this scam. Some person contact you through e-mail and claiming that he/she is an official of African government and he/she wish to help you to get rich. So, you will be required some amount of money for legal process.

Most of the people,who effected by this type of scams , won't interest to report the scam or does't know whom to complain about these scams. The following is the right place to report about e-mail scams: (FBI INTERNET CRIME REPORTING CENTRE)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Medical Transcription(MT) is a health related profession. It involves transcription or converting voice into typed data in words. In Medical transcription the dictation delivered by a physician/Doctor, regarding patent's assessment, therapeutic procedures, diagnosis and clinical course etc., will be converted into written form of document.
Medical Transcription job involves with special skills in medical terminology using electronic equipment like computer.The recorded data is useful in further follow up of patient and health insurance claims. The medical transcription data is useful in case studying and analysing health condition of patient. The Doctors/Physicians who are very busy with their wok load and they have no time to sit and prepare these records. Hence there is a lot of demand for Medical Transcripts jobs world wide. Some of the companies paying hourly compensation to Medical Transcriptionists. The persons, having efficient grammatical skills and knowledge over the medical terminology, can be take up these jobs and earn good amount of money. There are number of institutes offering Medical Trancriptiion online course.For details visit the given bellow web site.

Medical Transcription jobs have bocome fast growing earning opportunities world wide.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There is no other substitute than to save human life. In accident cases, most of the people died due to over bleeding. At this situation the victim's life may be saved by transfusing required quantity of blood in victim's body. Normally the hospital staff try to collect blood from the
relatives of the victim. Unfortunately, if the blood groups of the relatives do not match with the blood group of the victim, what's the position ? The Hospital approach bloodbank. Blood banks collects blood from the donors and preserve it safely to reuse in crucial hard conditions.

The Online Blood Banks acting as a Major role providing online services around the clock.
Online blood banks acts as Link between 'blood donor' and 'blood recipient'. The Online Blood
Banks displays the blood stock position in their web sites and updates regularly. Most of the people afraid of to donate blood as they think that they will become weak by donating blood.
But it is not correct. Usually the human body can make it self new blood within 24-48 hrs. naturally. We can see that some voluntary organisations conducting campaigns to promote blood donation.
Human Blood groups/Blood Type :
The division of blood groups based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances
on the surface of the Red Blood Cells(RBCs). Here is details of human blood groups.
Blood Group / can take blood from/ can give blood to

1. Group 'A'/ A,AB,O /A and O

2. Group 'B' /B,AB,O /B and O

3. Group 'AB' /A,B,AB,O /AB only

4. Group 'O' /O only/ A,B,AB,O

The following are some online blood bank web sites:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Last week Apple Corporation released its precious iPhone in Indian Market. The phone is slim and with handy features. In India Air tel and Voda phone are marketing with prepaid and post-
paid connections. At present other networks will not work on this phone. It seems the physical appearance and style are good and attractive. It has 3.5 mm head phone socket at the top of the phone.It has plastic back cover.This phone allows net browsing video streaming features.
Net work: GSM 800/900/1800-3G tri band
Connectivity: wifi,3G,Edge, blue tooth and USB 2.0
Weight: 133 gms.
Video: 2.o mega pixels with Geo tagging
Battery: Lithium Polymer
Talk Time: 3G-5 hours
2G-10 hours
Stand by-300 hours
Screen display: 3.5 inches
Touch Screen: Yes
Memory :8GB and 16GB
Cost :8GB--31,000 (INR)
:16GB--36,000 (INR)
This Phone available in 3G and 2G variants. Along with normal calculator it has Scientific calculator also. The phone supports downloading software application from Apple's store.
Most of them are free down loadable. The phone supports access e-mail from Gmail and Yahoo. This phone contains features like Power Point, Word, Apples work. Due to its high cost,
the phone moves slowly in Indian Market.

For further detailas about iphone, please visit the site:

Saturday, August 23, 2008



With the increasing popularity of Internet, the opportunities of online learning courses are came into mainstream. The nature of online study is mainly off-campus type. The learners need
not attend directly at the college/university campus or class room. Online Education is an alternate choice to the learns who do not wish to spend full time for studies. It is also an excellent solution for employees who wish to study part-time while working.
The Online learning system offers courses, accredited under graduate degrees, post-graduate courses and continuing professional courses like M.B.A. and M.C.A.. These courses are
offered by educational institutions, colleges and Universities all over the World.
* Flexibility in joining procedure.
* Flexibility in choosing own study hours.
* No need to observe college/university discipline rules
* Flexibility in fee structure

* Lack of individual discipline
* Lack of face-to-face human interaction
* Lack of control over study schedule
online courses- Accreditation:
Accreditation is nothing but maintaining certain quality of standards by Online study
Institutions to recognise the degrees that they are offering. For more information about
accreditation, please visit:
Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA):
The UCOEA has been Accrediting Distance Education Programs offered by Schools,
Colleges, Universities by online world wide. For more details:
For more details about online education:



The so-called rivals for the last 8 decades
The OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE Universities
brings their lessons online at the same time.
They put on in their web sites a 450 hours
long audio and video lessons in the form of
Itunes. Anybody can down load them at free of cost.


" Marriages are made in Heaven!!" it is an out dated dialog to express our opinion on marriages. Now the new trend is searching for life partner online! As the advent of Internet popularity, hundreds of matrimonial web sites are working to offer better Bride / Groom details for free of cost. Basically the selection of a life partner online is made by matching the details of bith bride/groom and a personal visit of family members there after. It is true that the time will be saved up to 50% by approaching the matrimonial web sites to choose life partner online. But here is the main problem is How to selecting a best life partner online? The experts says that selecting life partner on the basis of physical appearance and good charming personality is not a successful choice always. It's always better to verifying family back ground and matching personal data which is given in the matrimonial web sites. It is also part of duty of parents providing the Bride / Grooms personal data sincerely to avoid the bitter experiences in future.
How to select best life partner online:
It is a critical thing to estimate one's personal behaviour just by seeing the profile of the bride/groom's profile on the web site. More over it is neither arranged nor love marriage. The following guide lines will be helpful to choose the best life life partner online.
(1). Estimating the personal character of the bride/groom's by conducting personality test quiz:
(2). Leaving the issue to your parents/elders who look after in every aspect as it is theirs personal responsibility .(3). Approach a local private detective agency and get the full details of bride/groom.But keep it secret.(4). Consult a good professional matrimonial web site who will provide you the best list of bride/groom according to your interests. You can try with the following web sites.



Everybody knows about online using Internrt. The word " ONLINE" means working with a computer connected with Internet. At present more than 500 billions of people around the world using Internet. The number is increasing day to day. The main advantage of this is due to the Internet can be accessed any point of place.

At present the human life is full of speed!! If one can't perform one's day to day transaction with the speed of life, defenetely he/she will be in the last row. So, the man is taking

the ONLINE support to full fill his/her busy life transactions. The "online transctions" attained

its big popularity as such it is mostly confined with Service Sector. Moreover it seems that the

online transactions activity overtakaing the human life in such a way the human being can't able

to move a step forward without using online!Yes it is true!! Bcoz it is TIME and MONEY saving.

Most of the service traansctions of Government, Public and Private sector companies

are performing "online". The following are the most popular services performing online:

* Online Jobs

* Online Trading

* Online Banking

* Online Bookings

* Online Shopping

* Online Money Making Programs

* Online Studying

* Online Marriages

* Online Medical-Aid.

* Online Dating

* Online Astrology

* Online Money Transfer

* And so many...................