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Saturday, August 23, 2008



With the increasing popularity of Internet, the opportunities of online learning courses are came into mainstream. The nature of online study is mainly off-campus type. The learners need
not attend directly at the college/university campus or class room. Online Education is an alternate choice to the learns who do not wish to spend full time for studies. It is also an excellent solution for employees who wish to study part-time while working.
The Online learning system offers courses, accredited under graduate degrees, post-graduate courses and continuing professional courses like M.B.A. and M.C.A.. These courses are
offered by educational institutions, colleges and Universities all over the World.
* Flexibility in joining procedure.
* Flexibility in choosing own study hours.
* No need to observe college/university discipline rules
* Flexibility in fee structure

* Lack of individual discipline
* Lack of face-to-face human interaction
* Lack of control over study schedule
online courses- Accreditation:
Accreditation is nothing but maintaining certain quality of standards by Online study
Institutions to recognise the degrees that they are offering. For more information about
accreditation, please visit:
Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA):
The UCOEA has been Accrediting Distance Education Programs offered by Schools,
Colleges, Universities by online world wide. For more details:
For more details about online education:



The so-called rivals for the last 8 decades
The OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE Universities
brings their lessons online at the same time.
They put on in their web sites a 450 hours
long audio and video lessons in the form of
Itunes. Anybody can down load them at free of cost.

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