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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Everybody knows about online using Internrt. The word " ONLINE" means working with a computer connected with Internet. At present more than 500 billions of people around the world using Internet. The number is increasing day to day. The main advantage of this is due to the Internet can be accessed any point of place.

At present the human life is full of speed!! If one can't perform one's day to day transaction with the speed of life, defenetely he/she will be in the last row. So, the man is taking

the ONLINE support to full fill his/her busy life transactions. The "online transctions" attained

its big popularity as such it is mostly confined with Service Sector. Moreover it seems that the

online transactions activity overtakaing the human life in such a way the human being can't able

to move a step forward without using online!Yes it is true!! Bcoz it is TIME and MONEY saving.

Most of the service traansctions of Government, Public and Private sector companies

are performing "online". The following are the most popular services performing online:

* Online Jobs

* Online Trading

* Online Banking

* Online Bookings

* Online Shopping

* Online Money Making Programs

* Online Studying

* Online Marriages

* Online Medical-Aid.

* Online Dating

* Online Astrology

* Online Money Transfer

* And so many...................

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