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Thursday, October 30, 2008


ONLINE BANKING: Online banking/e-banking/Internet Banking/Home Net Banking/ Remote Banking.... what the name it is the Online Banks provides access to operate the banking transactions from Internet to their customers.
Facilities: Account view; Cheque inquire;Account statement; Delivery of signed A/c statement;Cheque book issuance;Funds transfer to own A/c; Payment of Taxes; Bill payments, Money Transfer to third party A/c of Internet enabled Bank etc.,
All the Banks not offer all the facilities shown above. You may choose the right bank according the things suit to you.
BANK APPLICATION: The online enrollment form will be available on the web site of the concerned banks.You can download the application form from the web site.Initially you will be allotted an User Id and password to your bank A/c. You may be asked to change your password/Pin number after the A/c open procedure is over to secure your banking transactions.The information will be sent to you through a e-mail box which is operated between you and the Bank. You will receive your password information separately from the bank.
ACCOUNT TYPES: (1). Personal Banking- for individual banking activities.
(2). E-commerce-for business activities(3). D-mat-for Share capital activities(4). Virtual bank A/c(newly added by some banks)
A/c MAINTAIN RULES: Minimum balance to be maintained=$ 1500 (in general)
Maximum amount of bill pay( per day)=$ 5000(in general)
Maximum amount for fund transfer( per day)=$ 15000(in general)
Some banks allows '0' balance to open an Internet bank A/c.
Note: The A/c type and services offers varies from bank to bank.
AGREEMENT WITH THE BANK (SERVICE AGREEMENT): This is between the servicing bank and you to provide Home Banking Services via its web site that you are enrolled for online banking service and sets forth the terms governing the provision of electronic banking services to you and authorise by you to access your A/c via online banking.
BANK A/C SECURITY: Internet Banking is a secure, Internet-based service that gives you convenient and 24-hour a/c access . Key taken information security very seriously and is committed to protecting your personal information with Bank through your personal identification(user ID) and password. The Bank advice you to create a unique password for your security.
ADVANTAGES AND DIS-ADVANTAGES: As usual online banking has both advantages and dis-advantages. The following are some advantages :
(1). It is convenient.
(2). Allows access the a/c from any where and at any time.
(3). Easy process of bills payment.
(4). It is fast,efficient and accurate.
(5).Facility of multiple accounts operation and maintenance.
(1). Delay at the start up process.
(2). Lack of ATMs (most cases )
(3). Inability to access the Internet banking at the un-secured Internet connection.
On the whole the advantages are when compared with the disadvantages.
ONLINE BANKING FRAUDS: It related to thefting of money from one's account and transfer to another bank a/c by using online technology. The online cheaters theft the identity of the online bank customers by using different thchniques(ex:phishing). Many number of Internet bank customers( world wide ) lost their money by this type of scams. So, the online bank customers have to follow some useful tips given below to avoid banking frauds.

* No banks asks your identity particulars through e-mail. Hense you don' t reveal your personal identity particulars to anybody.

* Set a unique password that won't findable by others.

* Check regularly your net work computer with anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.

* Don't leave up in the middle from your bank's web site without logout.

Know more about online banks------>

Monday, October 20, 2008


Moon is ONE AND ONLY NATURAL SATELLITE TO EARTH. Man's probe towards the Moon is going on since 1969. Still date 17 Astronaut were landed on the moon. The Scientific experiments are going on to probe the past live traces and future human settlement facilities on the MOON. It is an interesting matter than human settlement on the MOON. Already some lunar agencies got ownership rights from the U.S. & U.S.S.R. Governments with resell rights.

MASS : 734,56000000 TONNES
You can purchase the Moon land just for $ 29.99 per acre. with full ownership rights and legal documentation. There other gift packages and another planet's land particulars available on online.For purchasing the Moon land :; For FAQ AND OTHER CLARIFICATIONS:
There are about 80,00000 people world wide have purchased Moon land.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Once upon a time people used to study day and night to get better marks in exams. and then to obtain a good job. Now the trend is changed and technology is over hyped. The people,who aren't able/when no other choice,are going for online studies. Now a days we need not go for college. We need not study and write the exams at all. At present there are hundreds of online Universities world wide are offering easy online degrees for money just like ONLINE SHOPPING. Many professionals and VIPs, Government officials are purchasing these degrees from fake diploma/degree producing mills for their fame and prosperity. But the common people who buy these degrees are loosing both their money and career life. There is no wrong buying these degree just for fun or novelty purpose only. Don't make your life as a joke by using them for your career building. I furnish here under the list of some fake online universities for the knowledge of the people. So many of you have seen them on Internet or may got experienced with them. Once again I remind here for the sake of the people. These Universities are either non Accredited or Accredited by other ways. (Licenced Scams). Issuing degrees for money with life experience credit in days is nothing but a SCAM even though it got Accreditation. When we verify these web sites, we won't find proper address and proper phone numbers. IF ANY MORE UNIVERSITIES ARE KNOWN FAKE BY YOU, PLEASE LET ME KNOW TO UPDATE THIS LIST.


Monday, October 13, 2008


Online dating may seems an advanced stage of online chatting. Online dating provides the singles or groups to making friendship or romance with other singles or groups online whose interests and opinions are matches. The dating web sites acts as intermediary between the singles or groups. The dating web sites provides services(mostly free) to build personal profile,exchanging mail information, photo and video exchange etc. This is the general story of the online dating. The following are some of the best online dating web sites basing on the consumer reviews. Some extent these web sites restrict the mass membership and allowing only the serious single as its members. But these web sites charging member ship fees on monthly basis. The dating should always be a Fun. Then only it justify its concept.
ONLINE DATING SCAMS: In this type of scam, the scammers get money from the desires and interests of the people. Now we come to the point that what is going on behind
the online dating scenario. The online dating world already experienced a bitter experience all over the world by the scammers. So many people lost their fame and money in the this dating scams. Persons and web sites have shared and involved in these scam. Only the Innocent people were hit by this dating scams. There are hundreds of dating web sites are working to gather all over the to cheat the people to steal the money from them.

It seems many dating sites have no control over about joining fair people as its members and no control about on the rules and conditions. This is the loop hole which was cached by the online scammers. The Scammers got registered with these web sites with fake names and fake beautiful photos and dummy residential addresses. Here the beautiful photo displayed by a female guy may not be belongs to the real guys. It may be a photo of unknown beautiful lady or a model and even a prostitute's also. Here the male guys, who desired to got romance or sexual contact with a beautiful lady, will fell in to the prey of the scammers. Generally the most thing in dating scams, a woman (or may be a man) ask money the man through an e-mail stating that she wish to meet you send money towards to meet the traveling expenses /to meet the expenses incurred with hospitalizationof the woman's relatives. If you send money as she required, you will another victim of online dating scams. If you find any suspicious with them, it is better not to responding with them.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The provision of studying at home through online is defenily a break-through of internet technology! It is more to encourage the people/students to learn/study online and facilitate the people who are unable to take regular studies. The facility of on-line study is now running at the off-line track by adopting fake system i.e. isuueing of fake degrees/diplomas by the fake universiies. Inspite of that there are number of good and faith online universities, the fake universities take an advantage due to its popularity(self-drum).

Actually, the system of online education has its own code of procedure to acquire a degree or diploma online. Every online college/university has to get accridiation from the concerned authority before its arrival and has to maintain certain quality educational standards that are prescried by the accridiation authority. Other wise the certificates issued by them are not recongnised and have no value.

Every person ,who wish to study online, has to check legality and validity of the online college/uniersity before joining to avoid any risk in future. Unfortnately most of the students by ignorance/innosense not going for all these things. This is the advantage for the online scammers. So, hundreds of fake online uniersities are being opened and it was said that the turnover these fake industry touched about +200 billion dollars !!

The people, in a lust of getting the degrees within a days without studying,without writing the examinations, fall into the prey of the scammers. The people are not thinking about its legal validity of the certificates issued by the universities which are not having a campus, minimum infrastructure, a single professor and a good study material expect a 2 or 3 pages web site. The world famous BBC News found in its investigation that so many professors and government official are bought these fake degree from the so called fake degree-mill and it is also known that one IRAN minister admits having fake degree certificate! It seems that how the roots of the fake education penatrates into the field of online education. The people should keep in mind that the degrees/diplomas offered by the fake universities on-line having off-line mode value and useful for only see and enjoy no further movement. So don't go for fake education. For more information on fake online degrees:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Most people who are using Internet are familiar with terms 'online money' and 'work at home'. When people sitting in front of the computer and searching for online money opportunities,they can find millions of web results on this topic. It is very hard to search all the web result as such it takes a lot time. More over it is reported that 90% of these programs are scams. There are lakhs of web programs and thousands of web sites came into existence with the Internet advantage and hundreds of web sites adding to Internet every day. It is some sort of confusion to pick a best program that makes money online. All most all money web sites claiming that they are legitimate. Actually there is no a computer tool or software to find out a web site's genuineness. This is a plus point to online scampers.

Every year millions of people are hitting by these online scams. when there is money transactions is there , there is online scampers follow. Cheating online is very easy process . Scampers attack the people with their colour full web site and heart touching words. It was reported that more the 500 millions of were hit by these scampers.

The genuineness of a web site depends its quality, page rank,site rank and web traffic. It is the better thing to keep away from scamming web sites to protect ourselves to ESCAPE FROM ONLINE SCAMS. There are three simple and easiest ways to find the right and legitimate web site. Read the following:
1. Checking the web site URL with Google search engine to find out whether web site is spam or not. First type the concerned web site URL on Google search engine and then add the words " is a spam web site or not? For example:http://(web site name).com is a spam web site or not.
You can browse here to find out scam web sites list:
2.Checking PAGE RANK of the concerned web site to find out its quality content. You don't join the online money programs with the web sites having 'zero' rank or very low rank. You can check the web site page rank from hear
3. A quality and dedicated web site will be top always the web site ranking . Good web site makes good things to its members. ALEXA.COM is world famous web company and it gives working of web sites. It also give information about the web site. To check the web site rank, please visit:
On conclusion it is advised that don't give your credit/debit card particulars online. Join the free offering web sites first as a beginner.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Taking paid surveys is one of the best and easiest way of online money earning programs. Basically it requires no marketing skills to participate in this program. The following is the step by step procedure to join with a survey web site.
STEP-I: In the first step, you have to approach with the concerned web site with your name and e-mail address. Most of the web sites joining member with free of cost. In return they will send an e-mail to for the confirmation your e-mail.
STEP-II: The second step is sign up process. In sign up process you have to complete the sign up form with your full name, residential address, phone no., and country etc. particulars. After the sign up process is over, you will receive another email asking you to log in the web site with your user name and password to submit your personal profile.
STEP-III: Here you have to submit your personal profile which is the important both you and the survey web site. Your personal profile indicates your personality,character and interests and your survey type will be decided by the web site admin. After this process is over, you will see a message stating that you are the member of theirs and you will be contacted by them as and when a survey is available. Now you can get registered as many as survey web sites to earn a considerable amount of money.
What is online survey: Online survey is nothing but collecting public opinion regarding a particular product/service. It may also be considered a feed back also.
Why the web sites paying money: The marketing and research companies hires some survey web sites to conduct surveys on behalf of them to increase their product sales or to develop the service. For this the web sites get paid from the marketing companies and we also get paid for participating in the survey.
ARE ALL THE SURVEY WEB SITES RELIABLE: NO. As the prevailing of online scams, we should not believe all the survey web sites. Only legitimate, maintain good data base, good contacting personnel and having good track record are reliable. As a beginner it is better to join the free sign up web sites.
(i) Build your personal with care and clever. Your survey type is based on the particulars given by you.
(ii) Up date your personal profile once in two moths to get more surveys and to earn more money.
(iii) Maintain a separate e-mail for surveys to perform the survey process easily and timely.
(iv) Check your e-mail inbox daily to new survey offers to complete the survey in time.
(v) Attend the survey immediately as and when it received. If you are late, they treat you inactive.
The following are some world famous and well paid survey web sites:
For more information and national wide survey web sites particulars, click the following: