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Friday, October 10, 2008


The provision of studying at home through online is defenily a break-through of internet technology! It is more to encourage the people/students to learn/study online and facilitate the people who are unable to take regular studies. The facility of on-line study is now running at the off-line track by adopting fake system i.e. isuueing of fake degrees/diplomas by the fake universiies. Inspite of that there are number of good and faith online universities, the fake universities take an advantage due to its popularity(self-drum).

Actually, the system of online education has its own code of procedure to acquire a degree or diploma online. Every online college/university has to get accridiation from the concerned authority before its arrival and has to maintain certain quality educational standards that are prescried by the accridiation authority. Other wise the certificates issued by them are not recongnised and have no value.

Every person ,who wish to study online, has to check legality and validity of the online college/uniersity before joining to avoid any risk in future. Unfortnately most of the students by ignorance/innosense not going for all these things. This is the advantage for the online scammers. So, hundreds of fake online uniersities are being opened and it was said that the turnover these fake industry touched about +200 billion dollars !!

The people, in a lust of getting the degrees within a days without studying,without writing the examinations, fall into the prey of the scammers. The people are not thinking about its legal validity of the certificates issued by the universities which are not having a campus, minimum infrastructure, a single professor and a good study material expect a 2 or 3 pages web site. The world famous BBC News found in its investigation that so many professors and government official are bought these fake degree from the so called fake degree-mill and it is also known that one IRAN minister admits having fake degree certificate! It seems that how the roots of the fake education penatrates into the field of online education. The people should keep in mind that the degrees/diplomas offered by the fake universities on-line having off-line mode value and useful for only see and enjoy no further movement. So don't go for fake education. For more information on fake online degrees:

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