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Friday, October 3, 2008


Taking paid surveys is one of the best and easiest way of online money earning programs. Basically it requires no marketing skills to participate in this program. The following is the step by step procedure to join with a survey web site.
STEP-I: In the first step, you have to approach with the concerned web site with your name and e-mail address. Most of the web sites joining member with free of cost. In return they will send an e-mail to for the confirmation your e-mail.
STEP-II: The second step is sign up process. In sign up process you have to complete the sign up form with your full name, residential address, phone no., and country etc. particulars. After the sign up process is over, you will receive another email asking you to log in the web site with your user name and password to submit your personal profile.
STEP-III: Here you have to submit your personal profile which is the important both you and the survey web site. Your personal profile indicates your personality,character and interests and your survey type will be decided by the web site admin. After this process is over, you will see a message stating that you are the member of theirs and you will be contacted by them as and when a survey is available. Now you can get registered as many as survey web sites to earn a considerable amount of money.
What is online survey: Online survey is nothing but collecting public opinion regarding a particular product/service. It may also be considered a feed back also.
Why the web sites paying money: The marketing and research companies hires some survey web sites to conduct surveys on behalf of them to increase their product sales or to develop the service. For this the web sites get paid from the marketing companies and we also get paid for participating in the survey.
ARE ALL THE SURVEY WEB SITES RELIABLE: NO. As the prevailing of online scams, we should not believe all the survey web sites. Only legitimate, maintain good data base, good contacting personnel and having good track record are reliable. As a beginner it is better to join the free sign up web sites.
(i) Build your personal with care and clever. Your survey type is based on the particulars given by you.
(ii) Up date your personal profile once in two moths to get more surveys and to earn more money.
(iii) Maintain a separate e-mail for surveys to perform the survey process easily and timely.
(iv) Check your e-mail inbox daily to new survey offers to complete the survey in time.
(v) Attend the survey immediately as and when it received. If you are late, they treat you inactive.
The following are some world famous and well paid survey web sites:
For more information and national wide survey web sites particulars, click the following:

1 comment:

Stan said...

Great post! How do you feel about paid-to-click programs? I've always avoided them like the plague up until about a year ago. Now I know differently.