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Monday, October 13, 2008


Online dating may seems an advanced stage of online chatting. Online dating provides the singles or groups to making friendship or romance with other singles or groups online whose interests and opinions are matches. The dating web sites acts as intermediary between the singles or groups. The dating web sites provides services(mostly free) to build personal profile,exchanging mail information, photo and video exchange etc. This is the general story of the online dating. The following are some of the best online dating web sites basing on the consumer reviews. Some extent these web sites restrict the mass membership and allowing only the serious single as its members. But these web sites charging member ship fees on monthly basis. The dating should always be a Fun. Then only it justify its concept.
ONLINE DATING SCAMS: In this type of scam, the scammers get money from the desires and interests of the people. Now we come to the point that what is going on behind
the online dating scenario. The online dating world already experienced a bitter experience all over the world by the scammers. So many people lost their fame and money in the this dating scams. Persons and web sites have shared and involved in these scam. Only the Innocent people were hit by this dating scams. There are hundreds of dating web sites are working to gather all over the to cheat the people to steal the money from them.

It seems many dating sites have no control over about joining fair people as its members and no control about on the rules and conditions. This is the loop hole which was cached by the online scammers. The Scammers got registered with these web sites with fake names and fake beautiful photos and dummy residential addresses. Here the beautiful photo displayed by a female guy may not be belongs to the real guys. It may be a photo of unknown beautiful lady or a model and even a prostitute's also. Here the male guys, who desired to got romance or sexual contact with a beautiful lady, will fell in to the prey of the scammers. Generally the most thing in dating scams, a woman (or may be a man) ask money the man through an e-mail stating that she wish to meet you send money towards to meet the traveling expenses /to meet the expenses incurred with hospitalizationof the woman's relatives. If you send money as she required, you will another victim of online dating scams. If you find any suspicious with them, it is better not to responding with them.

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