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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Most people who are using Internet are familiar with terms 'online money' and 'work at home'. When people sitting in front of the computer and searching for online money opportunities,they can find millions of web results on this topic. It is very hard to search all the web result as such it takes a lot time. More over it is reported that 90% of these programs are scams. There are lakhs of web programs and thousands of web sites came into existence with the Internet advantage and hundreds of web sites adding to Internet every day. It is some sort of confusion to pick a best program that makes money online. All most all money web sites claiming that they are legitimate. Actually there is no a computer tool or software to find out a web site's genuineness. This is a plus point to online scampers.

Every year millions of people are hitting by these online scams. when there is money transactions is there , there is online scampers follow. Cheating online is very easy process . Scampers attack the people with their colour full web site and heart touching words. It was reported that more the 500 millions of were hit by these scampers.

The genuineness of a web site depends its quality, page rank,site rank and web traffic. It is the better thing to keep away from scamming web sites to protect ourselves to ESCAPE FROM ONLINE SCAMS. There are three simple and easiest ways to find the right and legitimate web site. Read the following:
1. Checking the web site URL with Google search engine to find out whether web site is spam or not. First type the concerned web site URL on Google search engine and then add the words " is a spam web site or not? For example:http://(web site name).com is a spam web site or not.
You can browse here to find out scam web sites list:
2.Checking PAGE RANK of the concerned web site to find out its quality content. You don't join the online money programs with the web sites having 'zero' rank or very low rank. You can check the web site page rank from hear
3. A quality and dedicated web site will be top always the web site ranking . Good web site makes good things to its members. ALEXA.COM is world famous web company and it gives working of web sites. It also give information about the web site. To check the web site rank, please visit:
On conclusion it is advised that don't give your credit/debit card particulars online. Join the free offering web sites first as a beginner.

3 comments: said...

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G. Arnold said...

Also, check with WHO.IS You can find a lot about sites by conducting a search on their website. The Internet is loaded with online fraudsters.

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