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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


EARN MONEY WITH YOUR PEN:Pen is more and more powerful than a sword. The sword can gain only one person for each time. But the pen can gain millions of people at once for each time. That is power of effective writing. Here is our topic earning online money with good article writing. Earning money from writing articles is one of the best and easiest ways of getting online money. Most of the people won't look this side as such they believed that it is so hard and only writing skills persons can do this job. But it is not correct. Any body can write good article with some effort.
The world around of us is full of fun,wonders,cheating, sadness and badness. So, we don't bother about the subject for an article. You can write article on any topic as you wish and the web sites on Internet invites you if your article is having good and attractive content. Don't try to follow the others ready made articles and software based article submitters. Human brain is more powerful than any any other computer. The human being is using only less than 10% of the brain power and we doesn't know how to utilise the remaining. Here we need not use the remaining brain power to write a good article.
HOW TO WRITE A GOOD ARTICLE: As we discussed earlier, what is the topic is doesn't matter. First select any topic as you wish to write an article. (Tip: Present burning topic will be given priority) . Now wash up the unnecessary and unusual thoughts from your brain. Now ask your self your inner mind the following questions on your topic.
(1) WHY ? ( the topic it is)
(2) WHAT ?(is the topic, definition etc.,)
(3) WHEN ? (the topic arisen)
(4) WHERE ? ( topic origins)
(5) HOW ? ( the topic shaping)
As and when you ask the above to your inner mind, the inner mind starts thinking and the solution will come out one by one slowly. Your next step is to collect all latest reliable information on the selected topic from Internet using Google search engine. Now club the whole information and prepare a precise shape to your article. If you fails at your first attempt, try and try again. Very soon you will get succeeded. Now you can write good article on the selected topic. Send your articles to the concerned web sites/magazines and earn good amount of income. The following link contains article paid web sites directory.

I furnish here under details of a funny news channel web site that allows you to send news, articles, photos,reviews on any thing and any matter from any corner of the world. I personally visited these web site and found useful for the persons who wish to write somethng. Here there is a possibity to earn for your work subject the conditions of the web site.

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