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Sunday, September 14, 2008


If we consider the invention of Internet is Modern technology gift to human kind, the Internet scams may be considered as the 'SIDE EFFECT OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE'. Every year millions of people hitting by these scams. It was reported that 10+ million of people hit by these scams last year. People are continuing to fall for these online scams day by day. The scam web masters are very clever and cunning and just waiting to commit online fraud and steal you identity or cheating you by a web based program(Ex: online money programs). The following are some of top online scams reported yet.

1. Online Auction Scams: Frequently you see the ads about auction of article online. If you participate such type of programs, you have to pay money for the article/something online auction. You will receive a fake or cheap article instead of the genuine brand and most of the cases you receive nothing.

2. Identity Theft:If you are a customer of online banking or credit/debit card holder, you receive an e-mail ( as like as from the bank authorities ) asking your account particulars for verification.

If you give all your particulars, your account will be hacked by the scampers. As a matter of fact the bank authorities never ask their customer's account details online!

3. Online lottery scams: If you are a winner in online lottery, you will be asked send some of money towards to meet the expenses of processing and legal clearence to get your lottery money. After you send the money as they wish and you can't find their address.

4. Get rich scams:Generelly we can find this type of scams mostly in work at home job programs.

The real truth of these programs that 1 program will really works out of 10 programs. That means 90% of these programs are SCAMS.

5. Nigerian e-mail scam: So many people fall into prey in this scam. Some person contact you through e-mail and claiming that he/she is an official of African government and he/she wish to help you to get rich. So, you will be required some amount of money for legal process.

Most of the people,who effected by this type of scams , won't interest to report the scam or does't know whom to complain about these scams. The following is the right place to report about e-mail scams: (FBI INTERNET CRIME REPORTING CENTRE)

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