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Monday, September 29, 2008



EARN MONEY FROM PHOTOS: Photos are testimonials of past life movements. What happens and which happens any corner of the world , it will come out in the form of a PHOTO. We preserve our photos in albums to memorise later the sweet movements of our past life. Every body likes good and quality photos. Most people enjoys photography as a hobby. Some body takes it as profession for their lively hood. We can earn money too online with photos.

There are lots of web sites online ready to buy your photos, if they have quality content. Like so millions of people around the world fond of good and quality innovative photos. They can also buy your photos. The payment will depend on quality of the photos. No bars about the subject and place. You can take photos on any subject and any place as you wish. The main thing is quality and creativity.There are some other possible ways are there to earn income from photos.

Freelance photographer: You can choose photography career as full/part-time job by joining freelance photographer for web sites or photo magazines. Freelance photographer career is very interesting and an official like a profession job work. You can earn a hand some amount of income regularly as long as you provide your services as freelancer.

SALE OF PHOTOS TO INDIVIDUAL PERSONS: You can sell your photos to individual persons who likes your photos by placing them on a web site for sale. For example:e-bay.

You can also earn a good money by converting your photos into wall papers, screen savers etc., and sell them to the concerned companies. For more information and photo web sites, please see the link given below.

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