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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There is no other substitute than to save human life. In accident cases, most of the people died due to over bleeding. At this situation the victim's life may be saved by transfusing required quantity of blood in victim's body. Normally the hospital staff try to collect blood from the
relatives of the victim. Unfortunately, if the blood groups of the relatives do not match with the blood group of the victim, what's the position ? The Hospital approach bloodbank. Blood banks collects blood from the donors and preserve it safely to reuse in crucial hard conditions.

The Online Blood Banks acting as a Major role providing online services around the clock.
Online blood banks acts as Link between 'blood donor' and 'blood recipient'. The Online Blood
Banks displays the blood stock position in their web sites and updates regularly. Most of the people afraid of to donate blood as they think that they will become weak by donating blood.
But it is not correct. Usually the human body can make it self new blood within 24-48 hrs. naturally. We can see that some voluntary organisations conducting campaigns to promote blood donation.
Human Blood groups/Blood Type :
The division of blood groups based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances
on the surface of the Red Blood Cells(RBCs). Here is details of human blood groups.
Blood Group / can take blood from/ can give blood to

1. Group 'A'/ A,AB,O /A and O

2. Group 'B' /B,AB,O /B and O

3. Group 'AB' /A,B,AB,O /AB only

4. Group 'O' /O only/ A,B,AB,O

The following are some online blood bank web sites:

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