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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


PTC is the shorten form of ' Paid To Click'. Ptc programs are very popular money making system online. It's got popularity due to the easy method and a system of daily earning possibility. The ptc program concept is reaching their adds to the notice of thousands of people. Due to its uniqueness and simplicity of programs, lots of people are showing interest to join these programs world wide. Almost all these are free to join . You will be paid money by clicking the add/web site and viewing it for not less than 30 seconds. The payment ranges from 1 cent to 3 cents per click. The amount varies from site to site. You will be offered 7 to 10 ads. daily. There are referral and upgrading the membership methods also there. Now I suggest some best ptc programs online for your best knowledge and reference. In ptc programs the earning potentiality depending upon the the number the of the clicks done by and the number of active referrals you join under your down line level.You will receive referral commission from 50% to 100%. You will be paid your earning through paypal/Alert pay. So you have to open a paypal or Alert pay account, if you are not having these a/c to receive your earning. The minimum pay out is $5-$10. Hear is one ex-regarding the possible earnings per month.
If you click 10 adds per day = $ 0.01
If 20 referral clicks 10 adds per day= $ 2.0
Your monthly income = $ 60

(9) Pinoy bux(new)
TOP 100 best PTC SITES------>
THE WORST PTC SITES( SCAM SITES ):As usual and all we expected. the online scam-monkeys are playing a great role in ptc programs also! The PTC scam list is about 1 k.m. long and I am not able to mention all of them here for want of space!
LIST OF SCAM PTC SITES ( in alphabetical order)
above ;;; alert pay/;;;;;;;;;; etc./
TIPS TO EARN MAXIMUM MONEY FROM PTC PROGRAMS: The design of the ptc seems earning a few cents for spending a lot time in the program. As it is easy to earn program, you can follow some tips to get maximum benefit from these programs.
(1) Join the programs only you trust.
(2) Up grade your membership to get more cents for clicks.
(3) Refer referrals as maximum as you can.
(4) Purchase the referral packages if you feel it is better to you.

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