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Monday, November 3, 2008


Internet is a huge source of knowledge.Due to advent of Internet popularity, lots of Internet users are increasing day to day. People approach Internet to find out the solution for some kind of query at their interest. It is learnt that not less than 1/3rd of the Internet users are fixing to the computers for a long time and it leads to some kind of mental disorders. The STANFORD UNIVERSITY study says that 1 in every 8 people of Americans has online addiction.
INTERNET ADDICTION: It is a state of 'mental disorder' that mostly found among the people who using Internet regularly.The following are some types of online addiction.
1. Video game addiction:It found mostly in school children and teen aged youth.
2. Cyber sex addiction:The individuals who are busy with watching sex videos and downloading.3. Online dating addiction: This type addiction mostly found in teen age youth who are always busy to registering their names with all the dating web sites and fond of dating with others.
4. Online gambling addiction: In online addiction,the worse online gambling. Researches says that 1 in every 10 people has online gambling and can't able to come out. Here is the addiction test to find out the state of your online addiction.This is not applicable to web professionals. You can also find the recovery details on the web site.
1. Raise of electricity bills.
2. Chance of eye sight.
3. Chance of memory loss.
4. Chance of obesity because of some people watch Internet eating some thing.
5. Chance of backache.
6. It also impact on personal behaviour of the people who web addicted.


Anabella said...

I love your post. I think that would definitely apply to me. Have had the fever for a very long time :) said...

I am an addict. Is this the prelude to a AL-ANON internet addiction book?

Estetik said...

useful information,thanks